FLORENCE DESIGN WEEK 2013 - Exhibition -
PATTERN NOSTRUM Visual art Project present:
THE BOOK - Complete pattern series 2013
An exhibition project bringing craftsmanship and industrial design together. A book of art itself, resulting from a mathematical model of generative design applied to pictorial matrixes that generate a series of patterns, divided into three main formats according to the graphic density they produce, and give some indication of the collections’ use. Each pictorial matrix features a dominant color, although caught in a chaos of shapes and colors, representing the concept of the physical impossibility of pure color, as every tone perceived by the human eye is the result of a mix of radiations. Every color is, therefore, contaminated, stained, dirtied, made up of various physical elements. The fractal decomposition and recomposition of colors represents the search for the painting’s soul, a graphic degeneration which, if taken to extremes, would cancel the color from which the creative process begins. Every painting gives a collection of 36 harmonious patterns which, though differing from one another, preserve the shape and color of the pictorial matrix from which they arise and can be used for the most varied purposes in the fields of Industrial Design, Fashion Design and Architecture.


Pattern Nostrum is a Visual Art project springs from the alliance between two Tuscan artists
and combines Painting with Pattern Design.
Pattern nostrum is a varied world of images created first on canvas, released from the artist's realm of dreams and multiplied endlessly by their visions. Each collection of patterns derives from the digitalisation and graphic processing of one painting. Each pattern in the collection can be used either individually or combined to create, in addition to a strong visual impact, defined by the Pattern Nostrum style, a powerful, distinctive aesthetic unit.
Each painting produce by our selection a collection of 36 harmonious patterns, which though distinctive in themselves, maintain the shapes and colours of the pictorial matrix from which they derive and can be used for a host of different interpretations and applications within the scope of Industrial Design, Architecture, Surface Design, Editorial Design, Fashion and Textile Design.
All artwork © Pattern Nostrum 2013 by Chiara Lanzillotta and Stefano Roiz. All rights reserved.
For inquiries on collaborations or arts projects, please contact us at: info@patternnostrum.com
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